Les Grains Noirs

Les Cépages Uniques

Crus : Premier Cru de Sacy

Blend : 100% Pinot noirs

No sticking / Selected veasts

Dosage : Brut à 7g/l

For lovers of fresh, enjoyable and generous wines.

This cuvée naturally offers the best part of a rigorous selection of our beautiful Pinot Noir grape variety which is 100% present in this bottle. Behind bright straw-golden highlights and vivid bubbles, you will find the fruitiness, the power and the aromatic complexity of our grapes picked up at their optimum ripeness.


Its complexity offers very interesting wine and food pairings and this cuvée will perfectly match with a hot foie gras, served with apple or citrus fruits. It will also enhance a Christmas meal with a capon or other poultry.